Paint Protection The Ultimate 2 Part System

Car Care Paint Protection System

The Colour Shield Advantage.

  • Ultimate Paint Protection System from Bird Droppings, UV Rays & fading, oxidation, acid rain, insects, salt, tree sap, industrial fallout, exhaust gases and road chemicals!
  • Saves you time & money with fewer washings and no constant polishing!
  • Your Paint/gel-coat appears Slick & Just Polished all Year round!
  • Dirt & Insects wipe off Easily with NO scrubbing required!
  • Colour Shield's Paint Protection formula outlasts products containing Silicones, Polyethylenes, Resins, and Waxes!
  • Colour Shield is very easy to apply and is safe for all clear coats!
  • Colour Shield contains PTFE® which is one of the world's most slippery substances!
  • A Car Paint Protection System that truly lasts and increases the depth of Shine.
  • The US Navy chose to protect the Aegis radar systems in harsh marine environments with PPS Technology. Think what it can do for your vehicle.
  • PPS is not abrasive and does not remove any paint or clear coat.

Ultimate Car Paint Protection

It's Durability that Counts.

Of course any vehicle just polished will naturally shine, it's our secret formula that keeps on shining and protecting your paintwork by locking the PTFE to it.

So what is PTFE and what are the benefits of this product. PTFE technical name 'Polytetrafluorethylene' is a non stick durable coating also found in your cookware.

From a chemical point of view PTFE consists of one long carbon chain, surrounded by fluor atoms that form a protective housing, kept in place by the bar magnet principle.

Colour Shield adds this layer and durable coating to your vehicle's finish, creating strength and sealing out pollutants.

PPS The 2 Step Polarized Paint Protection System is in a league above the rest for Durability were traditional car waxes and glorified polishes fail to reach more than a few weeks before needing to be re-applied.

Vehicles treated with Colour Shield PPS get noticed because of their incredible shine which lasts for years & whilst the non-stick properties will allow your vehicle to remain much cleaner between washings.

Electronic Rust Protection

Electronic Rust Prevention & Anti-corrosion System where designed specifically to stop rust by protecting your car, with a revolutionary method of electrostatic charge.

This invisible shield will stop rust before it starts. ERPS is designed to protect the outside of the vehicle as well as the chassis areas that spray applications cannot reach. No chemicals no mess no fuss.

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