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Subaru WRX New Paint Protection

Subaru WRX New Car Leather Protection
Just over a week ago, I took delivery of my 'Brand New' Subaru WRX. Of Course I was very keen to protect both the exterior and interior of my new investment in the best possible way. The dealership tried very hard to up-sell me their highly priced products and to be fair the only reason why I did not proceed was simple my 'old man' had the opportunity to test your Colour Shield products against other far more expensive 'offerings' out there, on the paint-work of some of the most luxurious Yachts that visit Australia (how's that for a harsh environment). He told me that your Paint Protection System easily outperformed other 'similar' products in terms of longevity and elevated Gloss retention for a fraction of the cost. I thought that the paintwork on the car looked amazing from factory, but there is no doubt that once I had applied it, PPS took it to a whole new Glossy and Super-Silky smooth finish.

Most of the car’s interior is Leather; the products supplied by Colour Shield again enhanced the look and feel beyond all expectation. The leather now has a vibrant ‘skin-like’ glow about it and liquid ‘beads up’ on as it does on the exterior, very cool!
Thanks again for the awesome deal and advice you gave me!!
Jake - Gold Coast - QLD - Australia
Holden Astra New Paint Protection Not many words are needed to express my thoughts on your paint protection just look at my wife's 2002 Astra which was treated in 2013. Happy wife happy life - Thanks Colour Shield
John - Noosa - Queensland
Kia Cerato New Paint Protection Hello Colour Shield - The original treatment I gave my new car 5 yrs ago has lasted really, really well. I'm super impressed. Time to re-treat for another 5 years of shine, and protect my wife's car too!
David Johnson - Rose Bay - Sydney, New South Wales
Toyota Paint Protection Hello Renz, finally have the pics of our new Corolla for you, unfortunatly the weather has been wet here so the day after I did all the treatments it was overcast but it still looks amazing, my wife has even made comments on the cars apperance. The products, paint, fabric and leather protection were so easy to use, I have used the paint protection before as you know, I was so happy to see the leather protection to be like water unlike some others which are quite thick and hard to apply evenly. Colour Shield went on without any problems and is hands down the best protection package I have ever used. Thank you again Renz :)
Paul - Luxaflex Showroom Tanunda, South Australia
Holden Paint Protection I am so impressed to say the least, the shine is incredible and my car stays cleaner for longer. I could not believe it, and YES you can have a Testimonial for such an amazing example of a high quality product, did I mention value for money? The shine on my car certainly got some comments, after I applied the paint protection system. Thank you for such a great product.
Grant - Brisbane, Queensland
XR 6 Paint Protection If the photos don't speak for themselves you must reading this review in brail. But seriously, if you care about your paint you owe it to your car to protect it & at $79.95 CSI have made DIY paint protection affordable. The other advantage is that washing your car is now a simple task. Simply hose down and wipe dry, for more stubborn stains simply use only a small amount of neutral ph car wash to protect your new paint protection coating and wipe dry.
Joel - Aussie Car Forum Sydney, Australia
Car Paint Protection As my TT is parked on the Coast, it gets a lot of salt on the paintwork requiring a hose off most mornings to remove the salt. Red paint is a hard colour to look after, but not with the PPS Treatment. Rather than needing a complete wash at least every week, the car only needs to be fully washed after 2 weeks. To say I am a satisfied customer would be understating the fact. I would recommend this paint protection treatment to any car owner.
Colin Webb - Sydney NSW.
Paint Protection System ...as I drive my Car, it looks like I bring the sun with me! Your Paint Protection is Awesome THANK YOU!
Mike Ironwood Melbourne - Victoria
Black Paint Protection Hello, Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the finish on my car, after applying Colour Shield Paint Protection. My car has never looked better! I just spent the week-end in New South Wales, when I arrived home the car was covered with insects from a locust plague. No effort at all to clean. She shines brighter than other vehicles, the surface looks and feels as smooth as silk.
Phillip Dawe - Manager Victory International Brisbane, QLD Australia
UK Paint Protection I would just like to say from 'The Other Side' (England). That I have tried your Car Paint Protection and I can truly say how brilliant your product is, I was a bit pessimistic as I have tried many types of waxes and Polishes on my Car, and they all promise excellent results, only for them to fail within a week or so, but your product is excellent. Well done.
Frances Vos - United Kingdom
Paint Protection The outcome after applying the paint protection to my new BMW 3 series is just amazing. I've tried all different car polishes over the years and I found this particular stuff easy to apply and the result outstanding. A must use/acquired product for all type of vehicles!Cheers & Kind Regards.
Rudolph - South Australia
Ute Protection I have never seen a vehicle stay so clean and when it is time to wash, it just cleans so easily even the bugs just hose off, the most stubborn bugs just wipe off with a wash mitt.I have been very happy with your product so far and cannot imagine using anything else ever again if it keeps working like it is..
Daniel Rice - Tasmania

This Product is amazing I work on an Industrial site and after I applied the Car Paint Protection I noticed less dust on my car. The paint on my car now has a silky feeling whilst the gloss has a deep and rich appearance. I am really pleased with your Paint Protection System & the quick service you provided. Thank you!

Michael Baker - Sydney NSW Australia

I was a little sceptical when I first ordered Colour Shield. There are so many products on the market. However, the gorgeous, mirror like shine and ease of use has made me a believer. I'm recommending your product to everyone I know! I'm hooked!

Kimberlee Carson Raleigh, NC. U.S.A

I hate waxing my truck, but I want it to look great and don't want to pay hundreds of dollars in detailing costs. Your product is exactly what I was looking for! Not only does it apply easily, shines beautifully and saves washing time, but it also required no more waxing! We are definitely in the 'space age' when a product can do all that! Thanks for putting out such a great product.

John Cassano Brandon, FL. U.S.A.

I decided to buy your product because I was entering my Harley Davidson in a Bike Show and wanted to use every available resource to win! My instincts were right on target. My bike never looked so great. The judges obviously though so too! Thanks again!

Dave Michael Wilmington, NC. U.S.A.

I live in Texas and the bugs are terrible! I was interested in your product to help me keep my 4 x 4 clean. It really works! Bugs, dirt, and other road rash washes off quickly and easily. And the shine is incredible! Your product is years ahead of anything else I have ever used.

Frank Garcia San Antonio, TX. U.S.A.

I use Colour Shield on my Disc Jocky van to keep it looking fantastic. My van now stays MUCH cleaner between washings and when it does need washing, the dirt just sprays off with the pressure washer. I can see why the US Navy gives it two thumbs up. It's a WINNER in my book!

Chris Meacham Rocky Mount, NC. U.S.A.

Bravo! A product that delivers what it promises! Saves time and money and produces a shine to beat all others! I'll never buy another 'car wax' again!

Pacelli Pujals Chicago, IL. U.S.A.

... Instead of Colour Shield, just call it Magic! Thank you, F. Krohme Greenfield, MA. U.S.A.