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Car Paint Protection – Your Beauty Deserves The Best

When I say that my car is quite literally my pride and joy, I am sure that you too can understand the feeling. The sheer emotion of having your own four wheeled drive is something that will give you happiness and excitement like no other. And when anything stands to harm it in any way, even something as minor as a dent or a scratch, your protectiveness for it is quite understandable too!

In fact, protecting the paint of our car is something that we car lovers take as our top most priority. Nothing and I mean nothing should harm the flawless beauty of your beloved car in any way. Car paint protection therefore, happens to be a BIG DEAL for us!

There are various car paint protection methods available in the market and you can choose either one that suits your requirements. You can think about having touch up paint ready with you all the time to immediately take care of any nicks or scratches that might damage the look of your car. You can also go for getting the surface waxed from time to time that can prevent it from most minor damages. It even weather proofs your car against the elements. The paint of your car will be protected against even the sun with waxing. You can get your car waxed at your local garage or else can do it yourself. And finally there is auto paint protection that will be a one-time thing and its effects will last you a good amount of time.

Just choose the method that suits you best and bask in the glory of your well maintained and gorgeous looking car!

Paintless Dent Removal – Zap Small Dents In A Jiffy?

Is that minor dent on the hood of your car acting like a dark spot on its otherwise flawless beauty? Those small little dings and scratches can really get you down at times. They just crop up out of nowhere when you least expect them and go on to put a dampener on the stunning look of your beloved car!

However, we always tend to put off getting them removed! After all, who would go for all that major body work on the car, just to get that tiny nick on its surface fixed? But what if I told you that there is a much easier; much more hassle free way to get this done?

Paintless dent removal for cars is the answer that you have been looking for!

The dented door doesn’t need to be removed. There is no need to leave your car at the body shop for days. There isn’t even a need to do any major work on it. The technician will work on the dent locally with his specialized tools and equipment. He will remove the paneling in the dented area of the car and begin work from the inside and pressed back out. The paintless dent removal procedure will be administered so carefully that the paintwork surrounding the dented space will not sustain any damage at all!

And to top it all, you will save a huge amount of money too! Since the work involved in lower, the costs and overheads are low too. You really have nothing to lose here. Paintless dent removal is the way to go my friend!

Ultimate Car Paint Protection System

World’s unique Paint Protection System from Colour Shield is very easy to apply. In just as little as one hour you can complete the application of your car with the Car Exterior Paint Protection Kit. The Paint Protection System from Colour Shield is designed to last for 5 years on a new car and 3 years on a used car with good paint. This is a tremendous difference between standard waxes and Colour Shield’s Paint Protection System for your car care.

Colour Shield adds a durable coating to your vehicle’s finish, strengthens it and seals out pollutants. The secret formula from Colour Shield protects the paintwork and keeps it shining.

The Car Paint Protection System from Colour Shield contains PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) which is the same non-stick coating found in your cookware. The ultimate Paint Protection helps to keeps your vehicle from damage by bird droppings, UV Rays & fading, oxidation, acid rain, insects, salt, tree sap, industrial fallout, exhaust gases, and even road chemicals.

It keeps your car shining throughout the year. You can easily wipe off dirt and insects and saves you time and energy for scrubbing it clean. Not only this, you save loads of money on non effective waxes that wash off easily and need re-application. Colour Shield’s paint protection formula is highly advanced and outlasts other products containing Silicones, Polyethylenes, resins and waxes.

Colour Shield brings you Electronic Rust Protection & Anti-corrosion System specifically designed to stop rust by protecting your car with a revolutionary method called electrostatic charge. The invisible shield of Electronic Rust Protection (ERPS) & Anti-corrosion System will stop rust before it starts. Not only will the ERPS protect the outside of the vehicle but it will also protect the chassis areas that spray applications cannot reach.

Our specialized products like Car Paint Protection formula and Electronic Rust Protection can be used for boats, trucks, bikes and aircraft.

Waxes do not protect the vehicles nor do silicones. The Car Care Paint Protection System is the only one engineered to keep it looking great.