Colour Shield Ultimate Paint Protection System

Paint protection for much more than just cars.


Heavy protection for all the Kms.


Salt water & pollution protection.


Protection for all weather conditions.


Slip stream protection.

Results Driven

Polarized Protection System for durability – traditional car waxes & glorified polishes fail to reach more than a few weeks before needing to be re-applied.

Proven Technology

PTFE technical name ‘Polytetrafluorethylene’ is a non stick durable coating also found in your cookware.

Interior Protection

Professional protection for all vehicle interior fabrics, leather and vinyls with the Ultimate Colour Shield Interior Care Kits.

Top Performance

Paint Protection System – Bird droppings, UV rays & fading, oxidation, acid rain, insects, salt, sap, industrial fallout, exhaust gases & road chemicals.

Why Choose Colour Shield Paint Protection

  • Ultimate Paint Protection  from Bird Droppings, UV Rays & fading, oxidation, acid rain, insects, salt, tree sap, industrial fallout, exhaust gases and road chemicals!
  • Saves you time & money with fewer washings and no constant polishing!
  • Your Paint/gel-coat appears Slick & Just Polished all Year round!
  • Dirt & Insects wipe off Easily with NO scrubbing required!
  • Specially Formulated for the harsh conditions in Australia, we outlasts products containing Silicone’s, Polyethylene’s, Resins, and Waxes!
  • Easy to apply and is safe for all clear coats!
  • Colour Shield contains PTFE which is one of the world’s most slippery substances!
  • A Car Protection that truly lasts and increases the depth of Shine.
  • The US Navy chose to protect the Aegis radar systems in harsh marine environments with PPS Technology. Think what it can do for your vehicle.
  • No need for a garage full of Car Care Products.
  • PPS is not abrasive and does not remove any paint or clear coat.
Paint Protection

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