Motorbike Paint Protection

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Motorbike Paint Protection
Yes you can touch my Harley, it’s Paint Protected. Also for Plexi Glass, Rims & Stainless.


Without a superior quality of Motorbike paint protection your paint will begin to fade! Subsequently your Pride & Joy will look old before its time. Even if your Motorbike is brand new, environmental acids and oxidants are already hard at work breaking down that glossy finish.

To Clarify, today’s paint & clear-coats give a great looking finish for a while, but since ingredients like lead etc. have been removed they are not as tough as they used to be; Therefore the daily elements like acid rain, UV rays, etc. can soon etch your paint & cause enough damage to require a complete repaint!


Ordinary Polishes

For example, have you’ve ever used wax or polish on your motorcycle?  Then you already know that it looks great for about a month but then you’ve got to do it all over again to get the shine back!

Firstly regular waxes break down under sunlight and detergents in about 4 to 6 weeks; therefore leaving your Motorcycle completely exposed to the elements! Secondly once waxes begin to get hot they soften then dirt and pollution begins to stick to the finished surface!  In conclusion for strong protection that really lasts, you have to look beyond cheaply made waxes!


Colour Shield

Meanwhile our Motorbike Paint Protection System will save you hours of constant polishing, therefore allowing you extra ride time whilst protecting your Paint & Clear Coat. It will also keep your stainless and polished alloy in top condition eliminating water spots, even stops bugs from sticking to your visors or shields. With such a versatile product you will save money.

  • Paint Protection Give your Motorbike the Brilliant Shine she Deserves!
  • PPS encapsulates your Bike with a Shield of PTFE.
  • Colour Shield lasts MUCH Longer! 5 Years to be Exact!

High Gloss Motorbike Paint Protection
Testimonial: Good news the Paint Protection is as fantastic as claimed, which isn’t often the case. I own a Kwakka GTR1000 bright red and it is on this bike that I tried out the System first up. Above all many people have asked me where I got the custom paint job done!!

Colin Kleinig, Perth WA

Why Colour Shield Motor Bike Paint Protection?

  • Colour Shield is the Only Product you should put on your Motorcycle due to it’s long lasting properties!
  • Ultimate protection from Bird Droppings, UV Rays & fading, oxidation, acid rain, insects, salt, tree sap, industrial fallout, exhaust gases & road chemicals!
  • Saves you time & money with fewer washings and no constant polishing!
  • Your Paint appears Slick & Just Polished all Year round!
  • Dirt & Insects wipe off Easily with NO scrubbing required!
  • Colour Shield’s Paint Protection formula outlasts products containing Silicones, Polyethylene’s, Resins, and Waxes!
  • Very easy to apply and is safe for all paint & clear coats!
  • Colour Shield contains PTFE® which is one of the world’s most slippery substance!

Leather & Vinyl Protection.

Similarly the quality of this Leather protection is a must for your side bags or Motorbike Leathers. Firstly it protects your leather or vinyl from fading, secondly It allows the material to breathe and also prevents it from drying out & the inevitable cracking.

in Conclusion as a Bike owner myself, I truly value the time this saves on my leather motorbike jacket. It used to look like an insect apocalypse and now, my leathers are clean after every ride!!

The protection is equally at home on either product keeping the new look and feel without making the surface appear highly glossy or slippery. Check it out Leather & Vinyl Protection by Colour Shield.

Motorbike Leather Protection

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