Aircraft Paint Protection

Protect your Jet

Aircraft Paint Protection

Reduces Down Time & Running Costs.

You’ll save time and money keeping your aircraft paint looking great with less maintenance, with Colour Shield protection systems; will make your plane’s paint job look fantastic and protect it for years to come.

UV Rays greatly reducing the life of your paintwork.

How much would it be worth to protect your Aircraft Paint from oxidation, Protection from fading, insect acids and other environmental damage; such as water droplets sat on your aircraft paintwork amplifying the UV Rays.

Above all, imagine adding a couple of years between scheduled re-paints.

Certainly one thing is for sure for the small cost of the Paint Protection you can save even more time and money on your plane’s exterior.

Therefore keeping your plane in the Air, wouldn’t you say Colour Shield Aircraft Paint Protection is a sound investment?

Rain Droplets Amplifying the Sun's UV Rays

Having been a customer of Aero-Clean, Inc. for eight years. I have had three jet aircraft, two Hawkers and a Falcon 50 treated with the Polarized Paint Protection. It is my opinion that the protective coatings were beneficial because of the following reasons.

Colour Shield coatings has maintained the high gloss of the original paint for over 5 years, for example in the case of the Hawker 700. On the other hand our Falcon 50 was painted 2 Years ago and still appears to have been freshly painted as a result we have easier maintenance for cleaning and wiping of fluids / insects.



I normally allow for aircraft paint at five-year intervals, but it appears that this period may be extended to 7 years. This is an estimate based upon the current condition of the Hawker paint and means budget savings over the life of the aircraft.

I have been extremely pleased with the positive attitude and professional approach in all my business dealings. I heartily recommend this Colour Shield Paint Protection System, you will be satisfied with the results!

Don Nelson Chief Pilot. Borden Inc

Bank One Corporation have been in the Aviation Business since 1970; during this period we have Aero-Clean customers for eleven years. We have had four Jet Aircraft & one King Air with the Polarized Paint Protection System applied to them. Meanwhile our Mechanics now feel that maintenance hours are reduced, by ease of simply wiping off bird faeces & insects.

In conclusion the Colour Shield System has now maintained the paint on the planes for just over seven years. I highly recommend the Paint Protection treatment for any aircraft.

Henry K. Biddle Chief Pilot/Aviation Manager

Colour Shield – Paint Protection Systems

Number of 4oz / 125 ml kits necessary for various common aircraft.


Aircraft Paint Protection Kit - Size Calculator

Aircraft Paint Protection Kit – Size Calculator

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