Boat Paint Protection

Reduce Annual Paint Costs & Downtime

Boat Paint Protection

Make polishing your Super Yacht her Tenders or your Speed Boat a thing of the past!

Traditional polish are no match for the harsh realities of the marine environment. These conditions require a superior Boat Paint Protection, therefore reducing downtime for maintenance.

Introducing our Polarized Boat Paint Protection System; which adds durable PTFE coating to your boat’s paint or gel coat, sealing out the elements & pollutants.

With the product being non-stick due to the PTFE content (as found in your non stick cookware) keeps your boat much cleaner between washings.

Salt crystals on your gel-coat, magnify the UV Rays greatly reducing it’s life

Colour Shield – Reduces Downtime & Running Costs!

Blown away…when asked who did my Boat paint job, I explain that it’s an original 2003 Baja. Michael, Florida USA

Helps to prevent gel coat fading even on dark colours! Just a rinse off is all that’s needed after a day on the water. The gel-coat looks new on my 2010 Searay 28′. Colour Shield is an awesome product worth every penny. Robert Fla. USA

Paint Protection is PPS

Using Colour Shield will make your boat’s paint look fantastic and protect it for years to come. Would just a few Dollars be worth the time you spend to clean your pride & joy preventing oxidation, fading and exhaust gas damage.

Imagine how much your boat will be worth with perfect paint and the amount saved on a repairs due to poor paint protection! Best of all you can save even more with the Paint Protection System available to the D.I.Y. easy to apply with the step by step instructions provided.

How man kits will it take to do my boat?

Example: One kit will protect a small ski boat.

Here is a general guideline.

Why stop at the Paint Protection?
See what the Owners of this 32′ Mustang had to say about the Interior Protection.

  • Prior to the final delivery of our new Mustang 3200 in May of 2003, we were offered by Mustang (as an experiment) the complete interior protection of our craft, by your company on the understanding that we would give it a fair trial and advise them and yourself of our views as to the worth of this protection. The craft was subsequently treated and we took delivery in Late May 2003. We have now had the ‘Lady Lynne’ for approximately 9 months and have used it almost every weekend, plus 2 x separate full weeks holidays by ourselves and also by our daughter, son in law and two grandchildren (ages 2 and 5).

    Interior Protection

    During our numerous outings, we prepare food in the downstairs cabin and dine upstairs. As is normal in the preparation of food, there have been many spillages on all the surfaces including the carpets. Also, having 2 small children and often their friends, the usual ‘accidents’ and general wear and tear on walls, seats and most surfaces take place.

    However due to the protection which has been applied, our boat is still as good as new. All spillages and marks on the carpets, leather or vinyl, have easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

    The fabric coverings on the bedspreads and cushions have also been given heavy wear and are still in excellent condition.

    Exterior Protection

    During the original application, the sun beds on the bow of the craft were also treated. They have been subjected to the normal elements of sun, salt and water, plus heavy use with suntan oils etc. These have also on two occasions blown off the boat in high winds and been immersed in the salt water. On returning home each day we simply wash them down with soapy water, dry off and leave them to the elements and these sun beds show no sign of marks or deterioration.

    In short, this correspondence is to thank you for the protection you have given the ‘Lady Lynne’ and assure you we will send a copy of this letter to Mustang. We would be most happy to recommend your treatments to any boat owner and/or Manufacturer.John & Lynne Livingstone Owners 'Lady Lynne'

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