What a Car! – How To Get Everyone Envious Of Your Beauty.

Your car goes through many roads that are not at all even. There can be many potholes on the way. A car has to go through a lot of wear and tear every day. It has to face all the consequences of weathering and the impact of the elements. All this makes the car coating dull and oxidised. If you apply Colour Shield paint protection system there will be no need in expensive detailing.

For that you need specialist equipment, such as buffing pads which will make your work easier. These are used to buff the paint finish off and remove the dirt and the other foreign particles from your car’s body. There are varieties of buffing pads that are available in the market – generally wool or foam pads.

  • Wool pads are mostly used for light cutting to heaving cutting.
  • For polishing and finishing it’s best to use Foam buffing pads which have been in great demand [...]
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