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Best Car Paint Protection System

The World’s best Car Paint Protection System exclusively available from Colour Shield is very easy to apply. Taking as little as one hour to complete a car application. The Paint Protection Deluxe Kit is a great deal and contains the products for the exterior paint to be protected. Above all the protection is designed to last for 5 years on a new car and 3 years on a used car with good paint.

Colour Shield adds a durable coating to your vehicle’s finish, strengthens the paint and seals out pollutants.  Hence the difference between standard waxes and Colour Shield’s Paint Protection System to provide the best care for your car.

Our Car Paint Protection System contains PTFE the same non-stick coating in your cookware, helping to protect your vehicle. Avoid damage from bird droppings UV Rays, acid rain, insects, salt, industrial fallout, exhaust gases.

Insects easily wipe off  saving you time, money and energy keeping your vehicle clean and your weekends free. Without the need and expense of non-effective waxes and their application. Colour Shield’s paint protection formula is highly advanced, and outlasts other products containing Silicones, Polyethylenes, Waxes & Resins.

Electronic Rust Protection & Anti-corrosion System specifically designed to stop rust by protecting your car with a revolutionary method called electrostatic charge. The invisible shield of Electronic Rust Protection (ERPS) & Anti-corrosion System will stop rust before it starts. Not only will the ERPS protect the outside of the vehicle but it will also protect the chassis areas that spray applications cannot reach.

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